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February 2013



A “Thank You” to Singles

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On this Valentines Day, I have thought of how much I love my wife. But I’ve also thought of some amazing friends in my life who are not hitched. I want to say thanks to you:

  1. Thank you for not settling for a slug (or even a halfway decent person). You would not be doing yourself, your friends or this world any favors by settling. In fact, you’d be doing the opposite. We’d all pay the price.
  2. Thank you for investing your time and energy into things that matter for eternity. You have the capability to pour yourself into others in ways that a family guy like me could only dream about. You can even do crazy things like staying up until midnight without suffering the next day. Amazing! This is one of the reasons that Paul, in the Bible, encouraged people to not marry if they could. He knew the ministry implications.
  3. Thank you for loving my kids. My kids think that you are infinitely more cool than me (and they are right). God is using you to help shape their little lives in great ways. You could choose to only do your own thing. You could withdraw from us old family farts. But you have chosen to invest in my children. I’m forever thankful.

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