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February 2019



Free Resources for Churches

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“For so long we as Christians in America have been known for taking a stand for issues, whether they be issues of morality, public policy, doctrines about Jesus and even conflicts with science. One thing we have not done is taking a seat with people that we disagree with on tough, sensitive topics and have a healthy conversation. Brian Jennings book, Dancing in No Man’s Land, was the resource that equipped us as a church on how to do manage the tensions of conviction and discernment, of humility and courage, and of grace and truth.”

Sy Huffer, Lead Minister of College Heights Christian Church

To join the churches helping people walk in No Man’s Land, simply:
1. Buy the book for you (and for those leading with you). Available from NavPress, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and some discount retailers.
2. Fill out the 30-second contact form.

Respected leaders encourage you to read Dancing in No Man's Land.

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