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February 2017



He Knows He is Loved

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The following is 1 of the Thirteen Essential Traits of a Godly Man we communicated to our son, Cole, when he recently entered his teenage years. This trait was the one I, Cole’s dad, chose to communicate to him. 

We also put together a book from these writings titled Journey to Manhood. You can download the entire book if you click here.

He Knows He is Loved (by Brian Jennings)

A Godly man knows he is loved.

Men often attempt to prove their worth by gaining power, becoming popular, making money, buying stuff or dating women. But none of these things can ultimately satisfy the deepest longings in your heart. The only way to find the peace, joy, and the sense of self-worth you desire is to really, really, really know that you are loved by God. You are valuable because you are loved.

When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, God the Father offered the ultimate words of affirmation: “This is my Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Your earthly father loves you. Oh my goodness, I love you so much! I cherish the times I rocked you to sleep in the middle of the night on the porch swing, drove you to baseball games, took special trips to explore cities, and watched you follow God. I will always love you, but I’ll never be able to love you like God does. My love will never be perfect, but God’s is.

You’ll want many things in life, but always remember that you really only need one – One. You need God, His love, and all that His love provides. Everything else is just gravy. 

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