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“Lead Your Family” Posts:

The most crucial piece of advice for college students

In a few weeks, millions of students will begin a new semester of college. If I could talk to each one of them, I’d say three things. The first two are important, but the last one is critical. Study crazy hard the first three weeks. It’s not that I want you to quit studying hard […]

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Is Your Love Expanding?

“The only thing that matters is faith expressed through love.”(Galatians 5:6) “And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more…”(Philippians 1:8) If our love is not growing, emergency alarms should be screeching. God is love. He first loved us. He so loved the world. And all of the commandments of the […]

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7 Marks of a Christian Leader

Everyone has leadership responsibility. You might provide leadership for a company, a family, a classroom, a neighborhood, an online community, or a team. To some degree, you do provide leadership, and every Christian leader is called to one type of leadership – servant leadership. Christian leadership is servant leadership. The idea of servant leadership stands […]

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Parenting in a Techy World

Ever-changing technology is both helping us and destroying us, so we need timeless principles and timely practices. The following outline and resources were taken from a workshop presented by Chris Autrey and Brian Jennings. You can view video below. If the quality is grainy here, go here. 3 Big Ideas 1.Tech Companies don’t exist to […]

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Christmas Chain: A Holiday Plan to Pray

We were looking for a fresh devotional plan this Christmas and decided to create a simple, kid-friendly and meaningful one for our family. We wanted to emphasize both Scripture and prayer. We borrowed some good ideas from others. Adapt this for you and your family too. The shepherds were on the low rung of the […]

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