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March 2013



New Creation (a recap from Sunday)

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What counts is not that we mark “Christian” on that survey we get in the mail.

What counts is not only what we declare with our lips.

“What counts is a new creation.”

Galatians 6:15 reprimands those who were distorting the Gospel, and reminds us that God is after our whole hearts and lives.

When the famed evangelist, George Whitefield, was asked how many had come to Christ at a recent revival, he replied, “Let’s give it 6-12 months, and then see.” He wasn’t downplaying grace, or advocating a works theology. He was recognizing the many Scriptures that teach that our faith is more than a declaration. Faith without works is dead, but faith with works invites God to create something new in us.

Have you ever started counting all of the flaws in your life? Ever made a list of all in your life that needs transformed? Ever get so overwhelmed that you cope by doing nothing at all?

Donald Miller wrote a great piece about how the key to tackling huge projects is to, like the ant, just start moving one grain of sand at a time. It may not look like much at first, but soon, things will take shape. That’s what God does in our lives. He has not called you to catch-up in Bible knowledge or maturity with the person whose been following Christ for decades. He’s just asking you to allow him to move one grain of sand at a time in your life.

If you are still breathing, God has work left to do in you, and through you. So if you are a follower of Christ, I beg you to FINISH. Don’t quit. Don’t stop. Don’t think that you are done. You are still in the game, and your willingness, or resistance to God’s work in your life from this day forward will have eternal ramifications.

If you have never allowed God to transform you, BEGIN. Do not doubt the power of God to transform your life. Never, ever, ever do that. God makes beautiful things, even out of our messes.

You can listen to the sermon audio and find other related resources here.

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