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April 2015



A simple idea to get your family digging into Scripture today

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I quietly read my Bible this morning, so that I wouldn’t wake my kids who camped out in the living room last night. Since the family gatherings have ended and school stays on break for another week, I wanted to pass on a simple idea that will get you and your family digging into Scripture.

Ask everyone to spend fifteen minutes reading Proverbs 29 and writing or highlighting every verse that applies to caring for the poor. If you want, get specific. Our family and church partner with Blackbox International, which helps trafficked boys find hope and healing, so I instructed my kids to list verses that encourage the work of Blackbox.

Once done, share your verses with each other. Choose a verse to share on social media, so that you can encourage others. Do something to care for the poor (like praying together or making a donation). And keep digging into Scripture.

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