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January 2017



A Godly Man Shows Love to Diverse People

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The following is 1 of the Thirteen Essential Traits of a Godly Man we communicated to our son, Cole, when he recently entered his teenage years. I continue to try to emulate and teach these to him. All men would do well to pursue them with all they have. 

We also put together a book from these writings titled Journey to Manhood. You can download the entire book if you click here.


A Godly Man Shows Love to Diverse People (by Steven Chapman)

A lot has been reported recently about racial and ethnic differences, shootings of black young men by the police, and walls to keep out Mexicans and other Latinos seeking an escape from poverty. These two issues are huge today, but in many ways point us to the need for people who respect and love others who are different.

It seems that it may get more difficult for a Godly man to love and respect others when so many are playing on our differences.

Jesus told a story about loving a diverse group of people. In that story, the one who was different was the hero. The dramatic turn in the story, making the Samaritan the hero, would have been a jaw dropping development for those who heard his story. In fact, many were enraged anytime Jesus welcomed “outsiders” into God’s Kingdom.

I’ve loved this story for years. However, in some ways it was just a theory for me until I came to understand just how white I was. It’s not a bad thing that I’m white. It just means that I came hardwired with a certain perspective of the world because of my skin color, experience and background.

What is needed to love those who are different is getting close to them. You can’t love those who are different, from a distance. You need to get close enough to hear their stories.

As I learned how white I was, I was freed to appreciate and respect the difference between myself and others. I no longer needed to pressure them to conform to my cultural standards. I was better able to take a look at things through their eyes, to understand their journey, and most of all, love them for who they are.

I have a dream, extending on the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. I dream that black kids and white kids, brown, yellow and red kids will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. And I dream that the Godly men like you will lead the way.

I love the picture of the Lamb’s Kingdom in Revelation 7:4 … a crowd composed of “every tribe, and language, and people group, and nationality.” That is an image worthy of the pursuits of a Godly man.


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